Do You Want to Get Pregnant Now? Make Sure You Follow These Steps

Do You Want to Get Pregnant Now? Make Sure You Follow These Steps

Article by Brian Goodwin

“I want to get pregnant now!” I’m sure this is a phrase that many doctors are all too familiar with. Unfortunately getting pregnant isn’t as simple as most people would like to think. Obviously the act of sexual intercourse is where all natural pregnancies begin but actually becoming pregnant is normally a process that takes months rather than minutes.

So in short rather than screaming I want to get pregnant now to anyone who will listen why not try some research and reading and get informed about the best ways to easily get pregnant. After all the joy of having your first baby will no doubt take away all the bad thoughts and trying times while you were struggling to conceive. Always remember that all you need is one little sperm to successfully navigate there way to your egg and you will have succeeded in your goal to get pregnant. Pretty simple process when you come to think about it.

In order to make the process a bit quicker and increase the likely hood of success there are a number of things we can do. And NO before you ask, screaming I want to get pregnant now isn’t one of them.

Step 1:

Consider you and your partner’s health. This includes your diet (its very important that your body receives all of the necessary vitamins otherwise getting regnant can be a very hard thing indeed). It goes without saying that both of you should give up smoking and alcohol in order to give yourselves the absolute best chance of conceiving – why? Quite simple really. A healthy body is a functioning body and getting pregnant is simply another function that your body is created to do. Keep it healthy and it will have a higher success rate.

Step 2:

Have intercourse when you are at your most fertile eg. During ovulation. Whilst this can be easier said than done there are a number of ways that you can track your ovulation cycle in order to take advantage of this great knowledge. In most cases women ovulate 2 weeks before their period, this means that you simply need to keep track of your cycle and predict when it will be 14 days before your next period. Oh and I almost forgot to mention, that in order to take advantage of this that is when you need to have sex, after all its not much good just knowing that your are fertile, you need to do a bit more than that.

So next time someone screams “I want to get pregnant now” at you will be equipped with a good response. You can tell them about the implications that diet has on getting pregnant (both male and female) and also the great news that you can track your ovulation cycle and take massive advantage of this. So hopefully there will be a whole lot less screaming in anger and a whole lot more screaming in joy when you finally get the great news – “I’m Pregnant”!

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