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get pregnantMy name is Carol Andrews, and would like to share with you my story. Is a story of despair, hope, loss, sadness, nostalgia and, finally, joy-not one, but two miracles! & amp; # xD; & amp; # xD; ten years ago my husband Lindsay and decided it was time to start a family “. We have been married for five years, had saved and bought our first home. Both had a stable job. I have 34. My husband has 27. We were ready. We took the decision of our fifth wedding anniversary, September 9, 1994. & amp; # xD; & amp; # xD; thinking that it would be easy. After all, it might be hard not pregnant during the first five years of our marriage. We tried various options of contraceptive, the pill does not appear to agree with me and # xD; & amp; # xD; both had the physical check up. Our GP told us that they were in good health and, while I had abandoned my career a little bit late, should have a design problem. (Arrogance) told my GP was a very young, 34 and we started with enthusiasm in our mission and # xD; & amp; # xD; both were convinced that it would increase rapidly. After all, there were two people very goal-oriented. Something that we have out of goal before, we always succeeded. So we were baffled when they spent 3 months and my period rolled around a time & amp; # xD; & amp; # xD; We told you this would happen when the weather was good and continued our serious efforts & amp; # xD; & amp; # xD; It was only later (years) that I have found that many of the things we were active at this stage has prevented us to conceive and bear a child. & amp; # xD; & amp; # xD; After 12 months of frustrationla situation began to affect our relationship. It was short tempered and capricious. It seems to me that often on the edge of tears, especially if especially if time buy and saw a pregnant woman, or an infinite number of prams and strollers with a cute baby or child to Council & amp; # xD; & amp; # xD; what he was doing wrong? What could be all of these women, and I could not? What is wrong with me? & amp; # xD; & amp; # xD; began to feel guilty, leaving so late. He felt guilty for not treating my body better-maybe if I ever I drank alcohol? Perhaps, leave my job? & amp; # xD; & amp; # xD; and Lindsay began to show the finger, my husband. And if it were “white shot”? Undermine his masculinity was discovered? Might as well go to the test? & amp; # xD; & amp; # xD; He finally got all these feelings of fear and resentment that open field. We had a lengthy discussion of heart to heart and decided to get some answers. & amp; # xD; & amp; # xD; I had been to postpone will marry the fear of what I said. I had a friend who went through in vitro fertilization (unsuccessfully) and the idea of going through the same terrified me. & amp; # xD; & amp; # xD; so Lindsay had tested their sperm count. I had an ultrasound and blood tests to check for endometriosis or other physical problems, as well as hormonal or other …read more

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