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How To Get Pregnant Quickly and Safely

How To Get Pregnant Quickly and Safely

Article by Samantha Penfield

Many women want to know how to get pregnant quickly. In the end, it is really a process that can take a few months. In general, healthy, fertile couples conceive within six months of unprotected sex, but it isn’t uncommon for conception to take up to a year or more. Identifying ovulation and monitoring your body and menstrual cycles is one of the best ways to get pregnant quickly.

Your Body

Being able to track your cycles successfully allows you to get more information on how to get pregnant quickly. There are some things that you can do to pinpoint ovulation, after which you have about twelve hours to fertilize the egg before it is no longer viable. Basal body temperature, cervical mucus and body changes can all help you recognize the time of ovulation. There are also ovulation predictor kits that you can purchase to identify ovulation.

While the strategy on how to get pregnant quickly can be different for each woman, the signs to look for in most include a slightly increased resting body temperature and an increase in cervical mucus. Resting body temperature, or basal body temperature, should be taken as soon as you wake up and before you get out of bed in the morning. A slightly raised temperature occurs right before you ovulate.

Tools to Use

When you have a difficult time trying to remember to take your basal body temperature and can’t identify thicker, more copious amounts of cervical mucus around ovulation then you may want to consider other options. Ovulation predictor kits are a more definitive test that provides you with easy to read results concerning ovulation. When learning how to get pregnant quickly you will also find many different herbal treatments and alternative options for promoting ovulation.

You may also want to begin looking at herbs and vitamins that can promote a healthy menstrual cycle and that support pregnancy. Folic acid, for example, is often recommended to women who are trying to conceive because it reduces the risks of some birth defects and aids women in maintaining the pregnancy. These vitamins, herbs and minerals can be a vital resource when learning how to get pregnant quickly.

Alternative Options

Chinese medicine and other alternative therapies can help you learn how to get pregnant quickly, as well. These treatments often include herbs and vitamins in addition to physical treatment methods. While alternative medicines aren’t as mainstream as traditional fertility treatments these alternative treatments are often less invasive and really work in promoting fertility.

Learning how to get pregnant quickly typically does take a little time and research. There are tools available that you can use to make the process simpler and easier, and that will help you learn how to get pregnant quickly while also maintaining your health. For example, learning stress reduction and other techniques can be simple yet effective tools in promoting a healthy pregnancy.

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