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Lisa Olson Pregnancy Miracle Guide Reveals 3 Tips On How to Get Pregnant Fast

Lisa Olson Pregnancy Miracle Guide Reveals 3 Tips On How to Get Pregnant Fast

Article by G Larry

If you want to start raising a family, the first thing that will come to your mind is the wonderful question, when can I get pregnant fast? For many of you that have always been wondering on the question can I get pregnant? You have come to the right place as you will learn all about what you need to know. Pregnancy is really a timing issue. There are time and seasons in life for everything. It is very good knowing much about conception so that you will be able to know when to get pregnant. Below you will get to know some powerful tips that will help you in your goal to getting pregnant fast.

If you will need to get pregnant fast as rightly said, you will need to……..

1. Do Your Mathematics Very Well Lots of women do not know their ovulation day and this is where the problem starts from. If indeed you want to get pregnant, then you must know your menstrual cycle personally because you are the one involved in the issue. Well, it may sound really funny but that is the truth as conception involves lots of mathematics. Therefore keep your ovulation track intact and you will never miss your getting pregnant another day.

2. Readjust Your Love Making Accordingly The reason many couple miss the chances of conception is because they do not have the right timing for love making. The truth here is that ovulation period is the best time to conceive but lots of couple miss out because they do not calculate on their timing very well. Instead of having sex before ovulation which is the best time, they tend to have it after wards. Do you know that an egg can only live for a day but a sperm can live up to three if not four days? Thus if you have sex before ovulation the tendency of conceiving will be really high. Thus readjust your love making as couple that have sex every time of the month have higher chances of conceiving than the so called busy ones.

3. Ensure the Correct Technique of Love Making It should be more than just regular love making. Ensure you use the right technique to facilitate your chances of conceiving as fast as possible. If the correct sex position is used, you tend to conceive fast than making love for the fun of it. Missionary position is highly recommended and should be stick to. After sex, try and allow the sperm to penetrate deep into your cervix before jumping out of the bed.There are many more useful tips than these however if you follow the tips enumerated above fully, you can be sure that you can not miss the next conception coming your way.

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