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Help Getting Pregnant – 5 Top Tips On Getting Pregnant Fast

Help Getting Pregnant – 5 Top Tips On Getting Pregnant Fast

Article by Anna Davies

Do you need help getting pregnant? Advice is always easy to give; no matter if you are trying to get pregnant or you just want to find out how to boost your fertility. But, the real question is, do you know how your body works?

Each woman’s period of natural fertility is different, but in general it is about forty eight hours before ovulation and during the time she ovulates or releases her egg. Unfortunately the menstrual cycle is governed by the endocrinal system and hormones can be adversely affected by stress.

Stress can cause anovulation a condition which means that the ovaries do not produce an oocyte, and an oocyte is an immature female reproductive cell which will in time become an egg. Chronic anovulation leads to infertility.

Tip number 1 on getting pregnant fast – Positive Mental Attitude:

The first and most important tip to getting pregnant fast when you are having fertility issues is to remain positive. Too many couples are told that they can never have a baby; it is true in some cases, that infertility is a fact of life. However if you are your partner have a reproductive system that works then you can conceive a child.

Be careful what you wish for try not to have a negative attitude because you can convince your subconscious that you do not want a child. Any thoughts that you may never have a child of your own should be erased permanently from your brain.

Tip number 2 on getting pregnant fast – Be Aware of Your Body:Become attuned your body and its natural cycle. Make sure that you know when you are ovulating because having sexual intercourse for a few days before ovulation and during ovulation will increase your chance of getting pregnant. Keep daily journals reporting how you feel so that you can become more attuned with your body.

Tip number 3 on getting pregnant fast – Watch Your Weight:

Make sure that both you and your partner are physically fit and the correct weight. You minimize your chances of getting pregnant if you are either obese or underweight. It is estimated that about twelve percent of fertility problems in women and men that have working reproductive parts is due to weight issues.

Try and remember that it is not just the female that has to be the correct weight. Obese men have a lower sperm count and they also are more likely to have a motility issue which makes their sperm sluggish and slow. Obesity means there is an extra layer of fat around the testicles which has the effect of raising body temperature. Even a miniscule increase in body temperature can mean that less sperm are produced. Excessive exercise can also increase the temperature of the testicles.

Tip number 4 on getting pregnant fast – Stop Smoking and Drinking:

Smoking tobacco has been linked to a lower sperm count and slower motility. Some medical studies have linked long term smoking of marijuana to abnormally developed sperm and a reduced sperm count. Excessive drinking also affects the production of healthy sperm.

Tip number 5 on getting pregnant fast – Investigate Different Sex Positions:The missionary position with the male on top is regarded by some doctors as the most satisfactory position to get pregnant. It is physically possible to get pregnant in any position and there are no clinical studies about positions, however, it is widely accepted that those who have difficulty conceiving are more likely to get pregnant when they optimise the shortest route for the sperm to travel.

Do you face a problem getting pregnant? Do you have fertility problems or do you just want to ensure that it’s safe for you to become pregnant?

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Tips on how to Improve Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

Tips on how to Improve Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

Article by Tips on how to Improve Your Chances of Getting Pregnant Rob Boykin

For countless women, becoming pregnant is fairly simple. For others, it may be far additional complex. Several women feel helpless if they do not conceive rapidly, and they begin to think there may possibly be a serious fertility dilemma. There are many things women can do to increase their fertility levels and for that reason, improve their chances of having a baby.

Maintain a Positive Attitude

Study has shown that physical health is not the only concern, where conception is concerned. Having a positive mental attitude can make an enormous difference. Negative thoughts will normally hinder your chances of conceiving. As stress level rise, fertility levels can fall. Try not to worry too a lot about getting pregnant quickly. Take time out of your busy schedule to unwind. Everyone has different techniques of relaxing, so think about what you may do to obtain this.

For some, it might be as basic as taking a warm, candlelit bath. Other people may well need a lot more support. Aromatherapy massages and reflexology are wonderfully calming and can make an enormous distinction to your state of mind. Aromatherapy might also be used to regulate menstrual cycles. Certified aroma therapists may be discovered on the internet or inside your local organization directory.

Just spending some top quality time together with your partner can assist. Attempt to do activities together inside your spare time and be sure that you both appreciate them. This alone can heighten the emotional aspects of your relationship and remove some of the stress that so effortlessly builds up whenever you are trying for a baby.


Acupuncture has been known to have a really positive affect on fertility, when utilized in conjunction with IVF. Study in to its effects on fertility alone, are incomplete. Though, smaller studies have shown that it could be beneficial.

Acupuncture has been employed by Chinese medics for around 5,000 years and is renowned for having incredible effects on a variety of ailments. On the other hand, its benefits have only been recognised by American medics for the past few decades.

If you’re interested in trying out acupuncture, usually uncover a reputable, certified acupuncturist. The National Institutes of Health as well as the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture are reliable sources for discovering licensed acupuncturists.


Your chances of becoming pregnant greatly depend on your menstrual cycle and its regularity. Ovulation usually occurs between the twelfth and eighteenth day of your cycle. Throughout this time, you might be at your most fertile and your chances of falling pregnant are maximized.

It is thought that ovulation is most likely to occur on day fourteen (this is based on a normal, twenty-eight day cycle.) A way of predicting your most likely day of ovulation would be to subtract fourteen from the total length of your own menstrual cycle. For example, if your cycle is twenty-eight days, subtract fourteen to arrive at your optimum date of fertility, (in this is case, it would be day fourteen.) Nevertheless, women’s menstrual cycles do vary greatly; consequently, your day of ovulation may perhaps either be prior to or after day fourteen.

Ovulation predictor tests may also be bought from a pharmacy or drugstore. Having sexual intercourse when you are ovulating will obviously boost your chances of getting pregnant. Although, couples will need to attempt to have sex a minimum of 3 times per week if they’re trying for a baby. The human body is a miraculous thing and ovulation doesn’t constantly happen when it should take place. Normal sex not only strengthens a relationship, it’s a way of making sure that no opportunities are missed.

After you’ve had intercourse, try not to get up or move around for a minimum of twenty minutes, this will help to keep your partner’s sperm inside your body, again, growing the likelihood of falling pregnant.

Nutrition and Diet

Having very good nutrition and eating a sensible, healthy diet plays a hugely critical role. Attempt to eat a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, lean protein and wholegrain, fiber-rich foods, including brown bread, rice and pasta.The vitamins and nutrients that are discovered in particular foods may also assist you turn out to be pregnant. Here are some examples:

Leafy, green vegetables, including cabbage, kale, broccoli, lettuce and spinach, are high in folic acid, a vitamin which is incredibly critical for both mother and child. Folic acid supports the development of a fetus and can stop debilitating defects, such as spina bifida. It’s also crucial for the reproductive and general health of a woman. Folic acid can also be found in bread and cereals and taken as a vitamin supplement. Lean meat or beans and pulses are incredibly rich in protein and iron. These critical nutrients support to maintain iron levels high within the body. A blood count low in iron, can affect the general health of the ovaries, and may well interfere with ovulation.

healthy eggs and can be discovered in nuts and seeds, dairy products, yeast, wholegrain foods, lean meat and shellfish.

Dairy products are rich in calcium, which everybody requirements to maintain healthy bones and teeth. If you are attempting to get pregnant, make sure that you consume enough calcium, in order for your body to support a developing fetus

When you have been trying to get pregnant for additional than one year, or you might be feeling pretty unhappy. It’s finest to make an appointment, to discuss any problems you may perhaps have, together with your doctor. If your physician thinks there is a genuine complication, they will arrange for you to see a fertility specialist as soon as possible.

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