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Tips To Get Pregnant – How To Get Pregnant Naturally

Tips To Get Pregnant – How To Get Pregnant Naturally

Article by Rick Lee

Trying to get pregnant is like shooting a soccer ball between the goal post. This sounds simple until you have a chance to be in the soccer pitch and you are left alone with the keeper but kicked off the mark.

Or better still, being given a penalty shoot and you lose. Feels terrible, doesn’t it? This is the agony that many couples go through. To them having sex is not an obvious way of getting pregnant.

Not to mean having protected sex meant for pleasure, but a hard work culminating into months and years of trying to have babies through natural copulation.

So what are some of the tips to get pregnant? What must one do or not do?

While there are many websites that have tips to get pregnant, many of these are myths with very little or no facts.

Any discussion on the tips to get pregnant should provide information on what may enhance or prevent the chances of getting pregnancy.

Starting with tips on what may enhance pregnancy; here are some tips:

– Have sex, unless of course you are planning to have a test tube baby in laboratory. The only functional tips to get pregnant are for a male and female to have virginal sex. It is recommended that you have this several times, say at least three times week.

– Know your ovulation calendar. Not all women are fertile at the same time, One must draw a calendar (not the Julian!) based on the last ovulation date. There are about three days when every woman is most likely to get pregnant. A good timing of this dates and having relaxed sex can have good results.

– Appropriate sex position such as the missionary style enhances chances of getting pregnant. In this position, the gravity will aid the sperm in making its way to the fallopian tube to meet the ovary.

Here are some do not tips to get pregnant;

– Avoid emotional or physical stress, this may create hormonal imbalance and reduce chances of getting pregnant.

– Avoid use of drugs such as smoking cigars, marijuana or hard drinks.

– Do not have sex after ovulation with the hopes of making a baby.

If all the above fail, seek a professional advice from your doctor. It is recommended that you visit a specialist gynecologist to diagnose biological disabilities.

You do not have to work too hard, just act smart by following the tips to get pregnant.

About the Author

If you are looking for more tips to get pregnant, I highly recommend the Pregnancy Miracle Guide by Lisa Olsen.

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