How to Get Pregnant Naturally

How to Get Pregnant Naturally

Article by Ashlee Branford

How to get pregnant naturally is a question asked by several couples who have been trying to conceive a baby for a long period of time or it is also crucial for people who have not attempted yet to have a baby. Whether you are trying for the first time or you have tried previously, it is always better to know the about the process. Getting pregnant naturally has got to do a lot with the menstruation cycle and the ovulation schedule. Hence, if you wish to find answer to your question of how to get pregnant naturally, you must have sound knowledge about these aspects.

Ovulation mostly occurs at the 14th day and hence a couple needs to make love between 12th and 15th days to increase the chance of conceiving a baby. However, menstruation cycle differs in different women. Hence, it becomes more important to keep the dates in mind and estimate the ovulation period. If failed attempts at conceiving continue for at least 1 year, the couple is considered to be infertile. There are ways to overcome such medical conditions. Many people opt for artificial means like IVF while others still want to impregnate naturally. To be able to become pregnant the time for making love is crucial because that can fulfill or devastate your dream of becoming parents. It also holds importance because it will help you to become pregnant naturally without adopting artificial means.

How to get pregnant naturally could be answered if women can determine their ovulation schedule. The easiest way which is followed by women all around the world is to maintain a calendar to keep track of the days. This will help you in finding out the correct time to have intercourse. The second way is to check on the fluid discharged by vagina. It becomes thinner, clearer when approaching ovulation. You can also feel the vaginal zone during ovulation because it becomes little softer and open compared to normal times. Sometimes you may also feel cramps and a sharp pain in the lower abdomen indicating ovulation. In some women slight spotting is also noticed. At times it is also indicated by headaches, breast tenderness and bloating.

Other than these you must also be careful about how frequently you are having sexual intercourse. Lying still after sexual activity and avoiding the bathroom immediately after sex can also increase chances of pregnancy. It is not only the responsibility of women to keep check on everything; men should also possess right constitution of sperms with correct mobility and shape without which a woman cannot conceive. Wearing boxers help men to the sperms intact and protect them from being damaged due to excess heat.

Apart from these, the how to get pregnant naturally regime should also stress on maintaining a healthy and stress free life as far as possible. Being alcoholic or being prone to using drugs will only augment your hindrances. The issue needs to ne addressed properly and utmost care. Exercise and go for health check up on regular basis to treat medical conditions which might be causing hindrance in your pregnancy.

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